Executive Profile

Dr. Mikhail Artamonov

Dr. Artamonov is Chief executive Officer and Founder of the newly formed MJA Healthcare
Research and Development Inc. He is a Lower Back Pain physician who uses a holistic approach to treat his
patients. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur and is funding the creation of a MJA Healthcare Research
and Development Center with a group of other private investors.


Dr. Lewis holds a Ph.D. from MIT and continuing education from the Harvard School of Public Health. Since his dad came down with Alzheimer’s 20 years ago, he has dedicated his life to determining how to better predict Alzheimer’s and chronic diseases in general. Working with key clinicians at Harvard Medical School, his team developed advanced AI-driven algorithms to predict a person’s mortality risk in both the near and distant future. Part of this algorithm is predictive capability for the major chronic diseases. He has coined this diagnostic protocol “4-Dimensions of Health” because the measurements span 4 dimensions: risks and other determinants of health, physiology, pathology, and existing disease states. All these measurements are designed to properly place anyone on a health-disease continuum. The final feature of his program are robust protocols to help a person reduce their disease risk and burden, the success of which is measure across the 4 dimensions. Lastly, he designed this program with both individuals and populations in mind because all testing is widely available, often on-line, and very affordable. His continued mission is to build this testing into the standard-of-care as a replacement for the existing “sick care” approach with a new, true “health care” approach.


Dr. Carter is a board-certified physician. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Carter has expanded his education into functional or root-cause medicine, initially driven by a personal struggle with glaucoma. He has obtained an impressive amount of continuing educational certifications in topics including: stem cells, energy medicine, nutrition, advanced peptides, cancer treatment, and solutions to Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Carter runs a successful virtual health center where he offers a deep diagnostic dive into the root-cause of complex and often ill-defined health conditions. His research had led to non-pharmaceutical interventions and protocols the provide his patients with lasting and sustainable resolution from their pre-existing chronic health maladies. Dr. Carter is co-inventor of the 4-Dimensions of Health program that identifies risk and causes of disease at the root-cause and maps the information to a personalized and precision care plan that very often completely reverses (cures) and individual’s disease.


Ray started his career at the ripe age of 18 on New York City’s Wall Street, becoming one of the youngest securities agents to pass the Series 7 and 63 exams. By 24 years old he was promoted to Vice President of a NYSE listed firm, Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services where he went on to be a President Club Member and one of the firms top producers. He accelerated his career by obtaining his investment advisory (Series 65) as well as life and health licenses.

In 2005, Ray was recruited to Oppenheimer & Co.’s private client group as Senior Vice President. He spent his time serving affluent clients developing  and implementing strategies to meet their needs. Four years later, he was recurited to UBS Financial Services, a Global Fortune 500 company, as Vice President of Investments. During his tenure tat UBS, he formed Correa Wealth Management placing an emphasis on the ultra high net worth individuals, institutions, physicians and medical industry executives. Ray always took the time to understand his clients dynamic considering every client has a unique set of circumstances. He finished out his career in financial services with UBS.

While tirelessly dedicated to his professional pursuits, Ray is also a family man, enjoying his spare time with his devoted wife Tina and three children. He is an avid golfer, snowboarder and has an appreciation for all competitive sports.

Inessa Minenko

I am a Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor (for 14 years) of Non-pharmaceutical Treatment Methods and Clinical Physiology Department of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. I started my career as a medical assistant; further, I have consistently and successfully passed all the stages to become a highly qualified physician, pedagogue, and a scientist. I am a doctor with 20 years’ clinical experience.

After the introduction of scientific specialty 14.00.51 Restorative medicine in 1999, I was the first in the Russian Federation to defend my thesis and to be assigned an academic rank of a Professor with a degree in restorative medicine.

I have been in charge of the educational unit of the Department for more than ten years. I have created and implemented a number of educational programs for professional retraining and advanced training for the system of postgraduate education at the Non-pharmaceutical Treatment Methods and Clinical Physiology Department.

Inessa Minenko

Prof. Hanne B Alberts

is serving as the Chief Scientific Officer, and being a scientific researcher with
decades of experience in Clinical research at the University of Southern Denmark, will be overseeing the sample collection and biomarker discovery attempts with samples she has gathered over the last 15 years.

Prof. Simone Caramel

Simone Caramel, born in Treviso on 18 December 1970, graduated in economics, is a scientific researcher specializing in chaos theory and mathematics applied to economic, social and biological systems with non-linear dynamics. He is president of SISBQ (International Society of Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics – http://www.sisbq.org)  since 2010.

He actively collaborates with Dr. Sergio Stagnaro since 2007, caring of publications (national and international peer-reviews, several of which are PubMed – Medline), conferences and trans-disciplinary aspects (genetics, genomics, quantum physics, chaos theory, fractals) of the original semeiotics founded by the Ligurian scientist.