MJA Healthcare Research
Development Inc

MJA RND consists of a growing body of worldwide physicians and scientists researching cutting
edge technologies and ideas from bench to bedside through a series of collaboration in
interdisciplinary research fueled by grants and private and public sector based seed funding.

“Committed to Holistic Translational Research”


To translate cutting edge technology and ideas from the lab to the bedside for pain management.

  • Open Source Repository of a Privatized Database for Creating a Biomarker Discovery Center
  • Using Biofeedback Results to Predict Customized Choice of Products (Provisional Patent Artamonov et al :::::)
  • Biometric Measures for Personalized Therapeutics & Treatments
  • Registration Database for Cannabis Product Delivery Systems

Projects Underway

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We establish and maintain secure healthcare records efficiently in an easily accessible cloud database for storage of MRI scanned data on all patients.